Safety Essay For Kids

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My house is my fortress. There is hardly a safer place than home. Only at home, one can feel confident, relaxed and protected. However, our house is a shelter of numerous dangerous things. They can cause harm to everyone, especially to children. If you live alone or in a couple, you do not notice the direct threats to your life and health. You should change your mind about the safety of your house when you decide to have children. Make everything you can to make your home safe for them. You might not know that thousands of children are injured and die because of various domestic threats annually. This number is colossal. It is a pity that thousands of children could have survived if their parents had been more careful and attentive to the internal organization of their house. What are the main factors that can cause harm to your child’s live and health? I will research this issue below.

If you want to maintain security and safety for your child, you should evaluate the condition of your house, domestic appliances and furniture. Remember that a little child will try to get access to every corner of the house; therefore, every spot of your home should be completely safe. It is far more difficult to equip a big private house with the safety equipment than a small apartment. For instance, if there are several floors in your house, you possess stairs. Stairs are very dangerous for children, especially for the active ones. When you have several kids running about the house, there can be an accident. There is a possibility that they fall down the stairs because of the slippery floor or because they will not manage to reduce their speed when they run. The best way out is to equip the walk-way at the top of stairs with the special safety gates. You can close them at night and during the day when your kids play actively.

When you have a baby who lives in another room, you want to know how he is. It is unreasonable to visit the room every five minutes because you can disturb and wake him up. The best way to maintain your baby’s security from another room is a video baby monitor. It is easy to equip your baby’s room with a camera and install a monitor in your room. You can do your business or relax monitoring your baby sleeping or playing in his bed. This device saves time and energy. You do not need to visit your baby without reason and you will always know when he is awake, when he is crying or hungry.

Now look at your furniture. You can see that chairs, tables, sofas and shelves have sharp angles that can easily injure your child. Bear in mind that an active child enjoys running everywhere and he does not care where he runs. No wonder, the child is often injured bumping at the sharp angles of a cabinet or table. Without doubt, you can equip the angles of your furniture with various strips of rubber that can make the accident less painful for the child. The best radical solution is to get rid of the sharp angles restyling your furniture for your child’s safety.

What is the most dangerous place in every house? Yes, it is kitchen. There are many appliances and items that can be dangerous to your child. Try to hide all the knives and forks in such places that are inaccessible for a little child. Moreover, do not cover your table with tablecloths inasmuch as your kid can pull it off with everything that you have on the table. Then, keep hot saucepans and frying pans inaccessible for the child because he can get burnt by mistake. Finally, keep the hot oven closed because of the same reason.

Every house has sockets in every room. Little children are very curious about such small things and they try to discover what it is. They often take thin and sharp items and insert them into the sockets. Equip every socket with plug covers in order to avoid an accident.

Next, keep various toxic detergents and other chemicals away from your children because they have a bad habit of tasting everything they have in their hands. Thus, keep such dangerous cleaning products locked in a storeroom. Furthermore, hide such tools as axes, saws, screwdrivers, etc. there too. Remember about medicals and poisons. Poisons should always be locked with other chemicals in a storeroom. Medicals should be in the farthest place of your house because children can confuse them with sweets and become intoxicated.

A common bathroom can be dangerous for a child. There is always a threat of drowning if your child is taking a bath alone. The surface of the bath is very slippery; therefore, protect the child from falling down and drowning.

As you see, there are many dangerous places in every big house and small apartment. You should pay attention to the factors mentioned above if you want to maintain peace and security at home.

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School Safety Essay

School Safety
The issue of school safety has become a controversial topic in the United States, due to tragic acts of violence occurring on a daily basis. American citizens should never have to cope with the negative impact of school violence, no matter how often they hear about the tragedies (Jones, "Parents" 1). In the past, schools were viewed as a safe place for children to get an education. Recently, the concern over violence in schools has taken a toll on many parents, school administrators, and legislatures (Eckland 1). Studies have shown that there are over 3 million acts of violence in American public schools each year. Not all occurrences are serious and deadly, but they occur on a daily basis throughout our country (Jones, “School” 6). This has caused many parents to worry about the well-being of their children while they are in class. This has also led to an increase in questions and concerns by parents and guardians. Many people have asked, “What are you doing about safety and security on my child’s campus” (Schimke 2). School violence is the cause of elevated worry and fear for their children, and school districts should enforce better security.
The lack of security in American public schools has led to increased fear in many parents, students, and faculty members. This fear has altered the lives of many people, causing them stress and concern over violence occurring within their school district (Eckland 1). This fear can alter the academic performances and interactions between students. For example, it has been shown that violence between peers is more likely to break out when less administration supervision is present (Sexton-Radek 55). Parents face constant fear over safety issues in schools. Due to many school shooting incidents over the past twenty years, parents are fearful about sending their children into the school building (Jones, "Parents" 2). This fear has drastically increased over the last decade. It has been said that the growth of fear is due to the increase in usage and availability of drugs, guns, and gangs inside the halls of public schools (Jones, “School” 6). Many studies have been conducted over the issues of safety and fear of safety in American schools. Studies have shown that each year, at least five percent of students in a public school miss at least one day of class as a result apprehension (Eckland 1). Fear should not hold back parents or students from allowing their child to obtain an education.
In “Safety from the Inside Out: Rethinking Traditional Approaches,” Alfie Kohn explains the reasons why American public schools are not safe. Kohn develops this insinuation by stating that technology cannot always fix the problem of safety, and that personal relationships which create a feeling of security are being lost. Kohn’s purpose in this article is to reveal the different attributes that have helped lead to acts of school violence occurring in order to convince readers that schools...

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