Eth 316 Week 3 Individual Assignment Research

Virtues & Happiness Essay“Virtues guide our conduct according to the dictates of faith and reason, leading ustoward freedom based on self-control and toward joy in living a good moral life” (Archdiocese,2014). They are formed from our environment and from those that are around us (Family andfriends alike). They embody the quality of our character, who we want to be, and motivate us inboth our personal and professional life. Virtue is one of those words that has many meanings. Itis often times used synonymous with morality. The difference is that morality is what you see ofyourself and virtue is what others see in you. This paper is to discuss how being virtuousdescribes me, my cultural ideas compared to others, how my ideas fit within the idea ofutilitarianism, and a few examples of the relationship between virtues and my success as aperson.How Virtuous Defines You“A moral virtue is an admirable character trait or disposition to habitually act in a mannerthat benefits oneself and others” (Boss, 2014). When it comes to my family, I feel that majorityof the time my actions are guided by the happiness of the whole house. In order to accomplishmy duties as a father, there are a set of virtues that are instilled in me as a man, and ones that Ihave gained through parenthood which allow me to fulfill such a demand. It defines me as afather. As a parent I have learned to be patient, to not make corrections when angry, and to alsoexpress affection and tenderness. I impart confidence, respect and responsibility with my actionstoward my child and I expect the same in return. Although some virtues were acquired throughfatherhood, there are some virtues I established within myself as a leader.

Organizational Ethics Everyone in business is worried about doing what is right and not be seen as being in the wrong. There really has been a lot of attention focused on ethics and integrity in business these days. Every organization is driving and pushing for changes in these areas. Any thoughts of quick-fixes for ethical behavior in businesses can be scary, but good ethical behavior for any business is fundamental for its success. For entrepreneurs, ethical conduct is usually missed or ignored. Many business experts regard ethics as something to be preached, but not acted on and therefore makes it even more unethical. According to Suttle (Demand Media), “ Organizational ethics are the principals and standards by which businesses operate. They are best demonstrated through acts of fairness, compassion, integrity, honor and responsibility. The key for business owners and executives is ensuring that all employees understand these ethics. One of the best ways to


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