Protect Endangered Species Essay

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How can we protect endangered animals?

Extinct Animals

In your English class you have been talking about endangered species, animals or plants that will likely become extinct. Your English teacher has asked you to write an essay.

Write an essay using all the notes and give reasons for your point of view.

Around the world many wildlife species are in danger of extinction. How can we protect endangered animals?

Write about:

  1. pollution
  2. hunting wild animals
  3. . .......(your own idea)

These days even more and more animals and plants are becoming extinct. That means they must be protected in order to maintain the number of animals or plants, which are threatened by extinction.

The real question is how to protect them. For example, pollution is a huge threat to every single animal or plant. Pollution is the reason for global warming, which causes the destruction of many animals' habitat. For example, the icy parts in the north and south are melting very slowly, which puts penguins and polar bears in danger. In order to prevent that people shouldn't throw away junk in the nature and should start recycling more.

Pollution is not the only reason for the extinction of animals. Unfortunately, many wild animals are being hunted nowadays. This is mainly because of their beautiful fur, which is "perfect" for making coats. In order to help many people have decided not to wear leather or fur at all.

Every year dozens of forests are being destroyed by people who need to open more place for construction. If they want to save animals from extinction, they first have to reduce the construction, which will save a lot of forests and therefore – animals's habitat. (!!!)

All these problems have solutions. Animals and plants are very important for our planet and, since we are the ones who destroy them, it is up to us to do the right thing and protect them.

Notes !!! - You are supposed to make only one suggestion.

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Good evening, Gloria.
Please help me check this essay out.
"Topic: Write a passage about some measures to protect endangered animals.
As you know, animals play an important part in our environment. They help maintain the biodiversity in nature. Today many animal species, however, are in danger of extintion. The reason causing the decrease in the number of animals is mainly from human beings. It is high time we must take some measures to protect endangered animals.

Firstly, we should educate people from the young age about the importance of wild animals in maintain the ecosystem and biodiversity. Young people should be educated how to protect our environment in general and how to protect endangered animals in particular. They should be told about the things that threat the safety of wildlife so that they can avoid doing them. This should be included in their curriculum at school.

Secondly, the governments all over the world should set up national parks and wild-life preserves as many as possible. Thanks to these places, animals will have a suitable habitat to survive and good conditions to grow and multiply. There they can be kept in a natural and safe environment.

Last but not least, each nation must enforce stricter law with more serious punishment- capital punishment, for example- to prevent people from poaching rare and valuable animals.

In general, protecting wild animals is not a person's work but it needs the solidarity of human beings all over the world. I should think each of us has the responsibility for protecting and saving endangered species before it is too late."


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