Essay Computers Replacing Books

  • No it cant

    Though many people say that technology has replaced books but I dont think so technology can neer replace books no matter how advanced it gets.Books are always a soucxe of mental peace and mental satisfaction but only for the people who thinks them to be.Every kind of technology has sideeffects but not books one would just sit have a cup of coffee and would travel to an imaginary world but in the case of technology like I pads television tab it seems difficult. U cant spend hours and hours on these I mean yaa u can but u shouldn't it can effect your eyes you will unnecessary fatigue and all that so books are better

  • My bad habits

    I have to admit I have a very bad habit of taking my fingernail and scratching it along the edge of the pages of a book. I can't read without doing that. I get really fidgety when reading e-books and always need to get the print book to finish the book. I can't live without good, printed books. Thank you.

  • Ya think tech can replace books???

    I've read various books, some on the computer. The books in print actually suck me into the book, whereas the books on the computer I just read and forget about. I mean, I love video games, but I know that technology can never replace books. It feels better to flip through a real book than scroll down reading it on the computer. Technology can also cause anxiety, depression, hearing impairment if used too often. When I mean too often, I mean 5 hours a day, or more.

  • Never not in a thousand years

    2. Library Enjoyment.

    I always say, “Put me in a library, and I can live there forever.” For me, visiting a library is pure joy. Friends who frequently accompany me know that it’s almost impossible for me to leave in less than one or two hours.

    Frankly, shopping for a tablet is way different than shopping for a book. A library is a representation of the past, the present and the future. It’s a place where the living and the dying are joined together on shelves. There is an inexplicable satisfaction in walking between the shelves, smelling the books, reading the titles and touching the covers.

    Libraries are like heaven filled with words. Wherever we look we can see letters in different sizes and shapes. I consider experiencing a library similar to experiencing enlightenment. No thoughts; no mental or emotional distractions—only peace of mind.

  • Sorry, but no.

    Books have always been around us. They are easier to carry than laptops. In addition, studies have shown that technology can cause health problems if used too often. Some include the inability to sleep, visual impairment, and hearing impairment. Technology may be useful, but it can and will not replace books. Also, it is more cheaper to buy a book than a laptop (obviously)

  • There has been a lot of talk lately concerning the possibility of computers replacing the position of books in our life. I believe it is truly possible. Many years ago, people used books for everything related to education. In fact, the human’s best source of knowledge and education was the book. But computers have gained popularity in a very short amount of time and everyone at least has one somewhere around their house. We have the need to use computers for everything. All we have to do is give the computer instructions and it does all the hard work for us.

    I am going to discuss the benefits that computer has to offer to its users. Firstly, computers are much better than books because a modern computer can hold a billion times more information than the average 400-800-page book. If you want to do a research about anything, it would take you at least an hour just to find the right book but by using a computer, you can find the same information in less than 5 minutes. Many people including me use the internet as a dictionary, finding definitions, so this way only takes the time to type the word.

    A laptop computer equal to the size and weight of a book holds data about any topic you can think of. A book only covers a specific topic. A computer can hold much more types of data than a book. When you carry one computer, you are carrying a hundred thousand books. Secondly, everyone would agree that an e-books cost much less to produce and less to buy than an actual paper books. The information in a digital format can be shared easily by email or by copying the files onto someone else’s computer or simply by transferring it into your USB drive.

    It is also easier to edit the information. This makes it overall more convenient for students who might not be able to afford one copy of a book each and who don’t want to make notes and underline points. Free information means at least cheap education. Who would not like a cheaper education? There are numerous websites like Google (search free textbooks in your subject area) and Google books, permit students with a limited budget to get what they want without having to spend large amounts of cash.

    Free e-books make education accessible and cheap thus more widespread. Last but not least, the most obvious reason why computers are making our lives better is by reducing the number of trees that are cut down for the production of books. I agree that an eBook is not 100 percent green and is far from it. But if you are comparing eBooks to other paperback books, eBooks certainly take the lead. According to “The e-Book Apocalypse” article, twenty-four trees are required to produce a ton of paper for printing books, and twelve are needed for a ton of newsprint.

    Thirty-five percent of those books printed are destroyed before they are even read. In 2009, eBook readers took off and the latest reading trend began to grow. In 2010, these reading devices became more popular and started sparking the attention of people everywhere. Some of this attention came from the idea that this new was a huge breakthrough in an effort to save our planet, which I find most definitely possible. To conclude, I understand change, whether it is for the good or the bad, is always a difficult and uncomfortable thing.

    That is the only reason why the whole world has not yet made the shift from traditional books to e-books. Now, there might be few advantages to paper. But I see a lot more advantages to digital. The fact that I now carry about a hundred books with me, wherever I go, that I can read whenever I want, outweighs any advantage a paper book could give me. Digital books are here to stay and there is no doubt that within a few years we will look at paper books as something saved from the past.


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