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When we look at our society today, there is no doubt that our education system is undergoing another revolution. Technology has advanced to the point where it has made information widely accessible, and its convenience has established new means of independent learning. Students are able to learn from a seamlessly infinite resource, and now schools face a competitor in the distribution of knowledge. Now as schools attempt to integrate technology into the school environment, there are challenges in defining the next generation of classrooms. Through our Alternate Worlds class, we have attempted to integrate technology into the class with both success and disappointment. However, though technology provides a great resource for education,…show more content…

Like a future classroom our class embraces technology as a tool for education. Through websites, blogs, and streaming online media, our class takes all forms except the traditional lecture style. Another way in which this class is an example of a future classroom is in the way we communicate. Through forums, chat boxes and emails, our class communicates through instant mediums instead of face-to-face contact. One final way in which this class is a model for future classrooms is in the responsibility that students have for their own education. Students in our class make their own schedule to keep up in class and are bounded by a loose schedule. Students are given flexibility in where and when they want to work, which is different from traditional classrooms that meet on strict schedules.
Though our online class exemplifies many characteristics of a future classroom, our class stays traditional in several ways. One similarity between our classroom and a traditional classroom is that students still hold the responsibility for submitting in work to be graded. Students still need to be assessed on whether or not they are keeping on task with readings, and so assignments and projects are still used like in traditional education settings. Our class is also similar to traditional classes in which there is a professor who takes part in ensuring that we stay actively on schedule

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