Science As Boon Essay

We can argue that science is both a boon and a curse for humankind.  I will make both arguments and you can decide which you find more compelling.

You can argue that science is a boon for humankind.  This is because science has improved our lives in many ways.  Perhaps the most obvious of these is the fact that science has allowed us to live longer.  Because of scientific advances, we do not die of infections any more.  Women rarely die in childbirth in advanced countries.  Science has also made our lives easier.  Scientific discoveries have given us airplanes that let us go on vacation, TVs that entertain us, and smart phones that both entertain us and let us communicate with others.  In all of these ways and many more, science has made our lives easier and better.

You can also argue that science is a curse for humankind.  Many scientific discoveries have ended up hurting people or the Earth in various ways.  For example, science allowed us to have cars and electricity, but the fuel we burn to get these things has ended up causing global warming which could have very negative effects in the long term.  Science was also used to invent gunpowder, which has been used to kill millions of people over the years.  Finally, science allowed us to create nuclear weapons, which are a menace to people everywhere.  These facts all make it look like science has been a curse.

Which of these arguments, on balance, makes more sense to you?

Science is a boon or benefit to us because it provides us with a systematic way of asking and answering questions about the observable physical and living things around us.Science provides us with a way to model possible outcomes by using the experimentation model with controlled variables.  Science provides us with a way to determine if our idea about the way things are is valid or invalid based on whether or not the theories behind that idea can be proven true or false.

If a person comes up with a hypothesis regarding a particular set of events such as Sir Isaac Newton did when he dropped a lead ball and a wax ball from the top of the tower at Pisa. He then learned about the force of gravity which acts upon things dropped with equal force as these items both hit the earth at the same moment in time. Newton's original hypothesis was proven false.

Science provides humanity with a way to experiment with possible outcomes of a particular situation such as earthquakes and tsunamis by building small scale models and then testing the possible outcomes. By allowing scale model testing to occur, great human tragedies may be prevented by designing early alert systems.

Science can greatly benefit humanity through the  discovery of disease agents, genetic mutations, and the effects of radiation on the life forms inhabiting the planet. Based upon these findings, scientists can make suggestions or develop medicines to help cure or curb disease causes in living things.

Science has been in the middle of huge religious and political controversies as long as people have made discoveries that ran counter to the currently held religious or political views. One must understand that science is not a "faith" nor is it a "political party".


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